RAMA S.p.A. is an industrial trading company based
in Emilia Romagna, the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley.

The group specialises in various national and international business activities such as providing complete engine solutions for OEMs, supplying spare parts and after-sales services, as well as manufacturing and distributing tools and equipment for the care, decoration, protection and maintenance of green areas.


The company consists of several operating divisions, each dedicated to a specific business activity:

Rama Motori specialises in the distribution and customisation of innovative engine solutions for machine manufacturers (OEM). The range includes Diesel, Gas, Petrol and Electric engines, spare parts as well as comprehensive technical support services.

Rama Marinedistributes John Deere marine engines, OXE Diesel outboard engines and Lombardini Marine inboard engines by Kohler.

Verdemax manufactures and distributes, nationally and internationally, products for the care, decoration, protection and maintenance of green areas, serving the needs of both hobbyists and professionals.

Agriserviceis dedicated to providing direct sales and support services for garden machinery and equipment in Reggio Emilia.

Be Parts specialises in the distribution of engines, spare parts and original parts to dealers and repair shops, representing well-known brands such as Briggs&Stratton, Kawasaki, Honda and other garden and industrial machinery brands.

Parker Distributor – RAMA S.p.A. is the official dealer for the sale of Parker products and provides related technical support (hoses and fittings) for Reggio Emilia, Sassuolo and surrounding areas.

Our values

Traditionally, we have always focused on building solid and long-lasting relationships. We collaborate closely with our customers, serving as attentive consultants to support the development of projects and deliver customised services.


Listening to internal needs enables us to increase our overall expertise and cultivate a new generation of talented and passionate people in key roles.


Driven by our pursuit of excellence, we persistently enhance technical and human capabilities to lay the groundwork for an innovative approach that is both managerial and “youthful”, enabling agile and dynamic decision-making.